Intro to the Bible Class

All Saints of North America Orthodox Church in Sun City, AZ will be holding a parish wide Introductory Bible Survey course, starting Sunday, January 21, 2018. The class will take place after Divine Liturgy every Sunday, and will run for 18-20 weeks.

The workbook needed to participate in this class is “Called To Serve: A Basic Bible Survey for Orthodox Christians” and is available on Amazon. Click here to get your own copy.

This is a basic survey course of the Holy Scriptures for Orthodox Christians, to make future Bible studies more accessible. No longer will the Bible be an intimidating mass of stories and text gathering dust and guilt from disuse. In a fun and exciting journey, this workbook will take you through the entire Bible, and fill in the gaps and answer the questions that you may not even know you have. In 20 short lessons, you’ll have set a firm foundation for your life in the Holy Scriptures.

“This excellent little book, Called To Serve… is just the kind of tool I wish I had in hand when I began to study Holy Scripture in my youth. I would like to see it widely available to the young people and other beginners in all of our Orthodox parishes. It is a gem.”

-The V. Rev. Patrick Henry Reardon, Senior Editor, Touchstone Magazine

For more information, or to join the class, contact Fr. John at All Saints of North America Orthodox Church.